I am very pleased to be able to share this incredible news that  I am the narrator for a very cool new series on Discovery Canada called Highway Thru Hell . Highway thru Hell follows the men of Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue as they fight to keep open some of the most economically important, most travelled – and most inhospitable – trucking routes in North America.

It is pleasure to work with the crew from Great Pacific Media who have produced this fantastic Documentary/Reality show.

Online episodes can be seen at the following links.

Episode 1 – Death on the Coq

Episode 2 – Where’s my Rotator

Episode 3 – It’s Stormy Everywhere

Episode 4 – Roughing up the Rookie

Episode 5 – No tears in Towing

You can also follow the show on Twitter @HwythruHell or on Facebook @Highwaythruhell

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