Oh for god’s sake… do you really want to know where I started and what my first job was? Or do you just want to know whether or not I can get the job done?

I thought so.


I write this bio to you from a sun-filled deck in the former Olympic Village in Vancouver, Canada. Today I recorded an incredible project for Discovery Channel and tomorrow I have 2 jobs in my studio and 3 more auditions in studios just blocks from my house. That’s kind of the way things are going these days. I’m a busy boy. And I’m very grateful.

My new studio has me overlooking the gorgeous downtown Vancouver and False Creek and I’m inspired everyday by the community I live in. Like every other voice talent trying to blow his own horn and show off his resume, I’ve voiced hundreds of commercials and narration projects for some high profile clients. Clients you would even recognize.

I take great pride in what I do and the product I deliver. I truly love every minute behind the microphone.

I think my voice speaks … for itself?

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