What a way to wake up this morning. Mindi mentioned yesterday that the nominations were going to be released today for the 2014 Voice Arts Awards. She’s on that kind of thing. While I slip into the booth with a cup of jamaica tea and slate full of jobs/auditions, she’s busy making sure people remember who I am. Twitter this. Facebook that. YouTube a little of everything.

There were a few things on the radar today before I made the mandatory social media break. The Voice Arts Awards had completely slipped my mind. It wasn’t until I hopped onto facebook myself that I saw voice over people talking about the nominations.


Chris Fries
Lori Naughton
Ralph Garner
Dave Pettitt
Lori Alan and Brandon Paul Eells


A campaign for Tourism Ecuador I recorded earlier this year has made it as a finalist!! I skimmed over all the other awards for names I knew and people to congratulate, but I have to admit, I kept scrolling back to the top to make sure they hadn’t changed their minds. Now I have a screen cap to prove it just in case they do.

To see all the other nominations check out http://sovas.org/2014-nominees/

Wishing all my fellow nominees the best of luck. Don’t get me wrong. I want to win this one! But I love this industry and the people in it.

See you in New York on November 9th-10th!

The :60 spot nominated for the Outstanding National TV Commercial is here:

You can see the long form of the Ecuador commercial here



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